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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Whaaaaa, a DIY/crafty post? Before my freetime was consumed by cleaning, cooking and all sorts of other chores I actually enjoyed crafty things. I am a perfectionist so most projects took me forever hence why I have given it a rest for a while. I love baby toes, especially M's tiny toes, so stinkin' cute. I have been trying to find the perfect way to save these tiny prints with out spending a ton of money. We splurged on a beautiful handmade ceramic imprint of his hand and foot when he was a newborn and I don't regret it but spending $70+ dollars monthly just seems a bit much to me.

On Saturday I got this genius idea to emboss his foot print! Best part about this project is I had everything already!!

You will need a VersaMark watermark stamp pad, which is waterbased and non-toxic, an embossing heat tool, embossing powder and card stock. Michaels and Jo-Ann's Fabrics always has a 40% coupon so this project will cost you around $20.

Stamp your baby's foot with the ink pad, press it firmly onto the card stock. Be sure to have some baby wipes handy to wipe off those tiny feet when you are done. Sprinkle the embossing powder generously over the stamped footprint and shake off any remaining powder. Turn on the heat tool and slowly move it over the footprint. Slowly you will start to see the powder gloss over. Let it stand for just a few seconds before touching it. Once it sets your done!

Voila now you have your very own keepsake and you can make it as many times as you want.
7 comments on "DIY Baby Footprints"
  1. Love it! Looks great! I tried doing my daughter's footprint with paint a few months ago - DISASTER!! haha... :)

  2. Oh my word! So cute! How much is the embossing heating tool? This may sound silly, but what else can you emboss?

  3. This is really neat! What other things have you used the heat tool for? Oops, just saw that Amy asked the same thing. :)

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  5. Hi , I am coming over from Monday Mingle . I love the Foot Prints using the embossing tool.
    This is such a great keepsake!!! I am one of your newest followers on google .

    Would love for you to visit me
    Kim This ole Mom

  6. What a neat idea!!! My son has sensitive skin so I may have to try it out on a toe first before I do the whole foot!


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