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Things My Three Year Old Said

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Friday, April 08, 2016
I did a post like this almost a year ago exactly. My son is absolutely hilarious. He makes me belly laugh on a daily basis, sometimes until my stomach hurts. The words that come out of my child's mouth need to be documented, so in the moments he is acting like a threenager I can refer to them and breathe, laugh and remember he is only three.

| o n e | "Can we go play with my zombie (frisbee) outside?"

| t w o | "I neeeeed my pumpadozer!!" This is his made up word for some inflateable boxing gloves that he tosses around.

| t h r e e | "Papi (daddy) this (insert, money, toys...he has a big heart) is for your broworker (my husbands coworker)"

| f o u r | "Mom let's go take Papi a strawberry ferfresher (Refresher) to his work, he needs it!"

| f i v e | My favorite thing he has said recently....Last week when we where at a stoplight he glanced at his sister and asked me, " Where did we get this girl, where did we buy her?" 

I'm going to buy this book to write down his one liners! You can see where I'm linking up here.

Happy Friday :)

Recipes I'm Loving

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Friday, April 01, 2016
Cooking with 2 littles can be a bit challenging. It seems when you disappear to the kitchen the kids get extra quiet and crazy things go down. I am notorious for trying to decide what to cook at 4:00 and end up eating the same few recipes. Preparation is key, and a crock pot is a moms cooking BFF. You can start dinner in the morning, go about your day and when dinner time rolls around BAM it's already done!

Dinner is not the only meal of the day where there is some chaos. I might just be the last person to try over night oats, this makes mornings so easy. Breakfast is already done you just have to warm it up.

Here are a few of my favorite recipes from Pinterest. If you don't know what to make for dinner tonight there is still time to cook up one of these and if you've got an extra few minutes you can make breakfast for tomorrow.

| o n e | Crockpot Shredded Chicken
This chicken is so yummy! I make a batch weekly and use it in burritos, chicken salad, mixed in rice and veggies. My toddler loves this recipe so much. He requests chicken for lunch almost daily.

BEST spaghetti sauce I've made thus far. I have shared this recipe with so many people, it's that good! 

I pretty much love all things cake batter flavored. I am one of those people who tastes batter and cookie dough while baking. You really think your eating cake batter breakfast! Bonus, my toddler was all about this oatmeal. The sprinkles were a huge hit!

If you are a brownie lover, you must try this!! My toddler was not a fan, that's fine more for me :)

Speaking of toddlers, mine loves applesauce. If you are interested in serving a healthy, yummy and delicious snack that makes your house smell A M A Z I N G, this recipe is for you! 

Happy Friday! Let me know if you try one of these recipes out. Click here to see where I'm linking up.

Teething: Round 2, The Vintage Honey Shop Review

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Monday, February 29, 2016
Teething is no fun, not for baby, not for mom and especially not for siblings! My son has a pretty high tolerance for his sisters tears but teething has proven to be where his patience tops off haha.

Thankfully my oldest is all done teething (hallelujah) but now my youngest is in the thick of getting her first tooth. We're talking low grade fevers, drool galore, lots of sleep followed by lots of broken sleep and cuddles (no complaints there!!). There is nothing worse than seeing your baby in pain, I know I'm not the only one who would rather trade places with them.

© The Vintage Honey Shop
Enter The Vintage Honey Shop. OH MY GOODNESS, if you haven't seen their gorgeous teething/nursing necklaces don't delay on checking them out. Wearing jewelry especially necklaces with an infant is well, not very practical. They LOVE to eat all the things especially pretty necklaces. I'm not comfortable letting my daughter chew on things not intended for a babies mouth, so I didn't wear a necklace for a while. That is until I received my necklace! She is also a super distracted nurser, if I'm wearing my necklace it keeps her focused when we are out so she can eat!

© The Vintage Honey Shop
Jennifer and Melissa are the hardworking mamas behind The Vintage Honey Shop. They take the time to create each necklace by hand. Each necklace is made up of stylish, feminine and beautiful cotton fabric that covers organic wood beads with an adjustable satin ribbon. I adore their packaging, random fact about me, I LOVE getting things in the mail and I am a sucker for pretty packaging!

© The Vintage Honey Shop
Lets be honest some days my shirt has spit up on it and I'm out in public, I'm making 3 (or more) day old hair work and running on coffee. This beautiful accessory truly make you feel pretty, and your baby is safe chewing away, win-win! I have received so many compliments on my necklace, a lot of people had no idea it's for teething. My mom sings the praises of my necklace whenever I wear it, she seriously tells anyone who is chatting with her while she holds my daughter how awesome it is that someone created a necklace for mom and baby.

© The Vintage Honey Shop
I highly recommend grabbing one (or more) of these necklaces, you won't be disappointed!

*I was graciously gifted the necklace above to review, all opinions are my own.

Things My Toddler Says

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Friday, April 10, 2015

| o n e | I touched a goat! 

His "love" for goats is hilarious. He tells everyone about touching a goat in the petting zoo at our local zoo. Let pause for a moment and address everyone, when I say everyone I truly mean it. Cashiers at the grocery stores, our families, random people in the store who say hi, his friends, his friends moms...the list can go on. The funny thing is he is actually terrified of the goats, he talks about going to see them until we enter that area then he wants to be held and when he is ok being down and gets the courage to pet a goat it's with one finger and it's a one second ordeal. In his mind it was a huge accomplishment to share with the world.

| t w o | I tell me no!

This one gets me, he is just repeating what I say in his own way. I tell him" I said no" and in turn he tells me "I tell me no!" I refuse to argue with my two year old to stop him from saying this so I just accept he will repeat after me and (mostly) follow my instructions...oh tantrums! I'll leave my thoughts on these regular occurrences for another day. 

| t h r e e | Hold you mommy

His way of saying hold me. It's pretty sweet! I can't resist those hazel eyes and floppy arms at my belly asking to be held. 

| f o u r | I want cereal (pronounced SI-re-ALL)

We have a cereal obsession going on here. The boy requests cereal all the time, he eats it for breakfast daily (by choice) and has to have a cup of dry cereal to munch on while I get ready if we're leaving he house. When he wakes up from his nap he needs more cereal. On Saturday he had a full on tantrum because we ran out of cereal and were on our way out to buy some at Costco. He was so angry/heartbroken that we couldn't fill his snack cup with more and let us know about it toddler style. 

| f i v e | I do it/hold it...

Mr. Independent would like to do things on his own 95% of the time. It so bittersweet watching him become more independent, my baby is truly growing into a little boy. 

What phrases does your toddler say?

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